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  • pinto

    May 11, 2023 at 7:15 am

    @Mike M makes a ridiculous statement about my recurrence and my report about my taxi rides:
    “The bumpy taxi ride did not cause the issue with Pinto. The hernia he had was called a “sliding” hernia that is rare and was not detected with the initial sonogram. A sliding inguinal hernia is defined as a hernia where part of the hernial sac wall is formed by an organ, e.g., the colon or bladder.”

    Wow, I didn’t know that Mike M is an automotive engineer and has done credible research into effects of bumpy auto rides on surgery recoveries. If anyone has bibliographical references of his apparent extensive research into the matter, please share them!

    Further, apparently he has extensive medical training as well to be able to so authoritatively speak on “rare” hernias in the human body. But that’s not all. His research is so extensive to include the determination of hernia recurrence, such that he can pontificate as follows: “I think there is a lot of blame to go around in regards to a recurrence … and it starts with the patient being responsible for their continued health.”

    One of the pitfalls that patients, actually any person, can fall into is wishful thinking. One can wish or imagine so much about cause and remedy of aliments that if not careful one mistakes their wishes as reality. He is not in any position to speak on the severity of the taxi rides I felt because—- he wasn’t there nor was in my physical condition of being unable to walk unassisted from the hospital.

    Not even Dr. Kang could know what the cause was; and surely not you, Mr. Mike M. But more than both of you, I know my own body and the sensation of pain. The pain felt in those taxi rides had to be directly related to my surgery because my second surgery handled the same taxi rides quite handedly. Oh but of course, Mr. Mike M, because you experienced surgery in your way that means ipso facto all others must as well. Well, Mr. Mike M, I haven’t changed my idea that those bumpy taxi rides contributed to my recurrence, in the same way that nearly any surgeon cautions his patients post-surgery to brace, hold their pelvic area for protection when coughing, etc. They say that for good reason.