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Pinto…thanks so much for your quick response. Just a little hard to distinguish between bad pain moving around and painless surgery but your point is taken. I agree that there is a huge danger of surgeon complacency…I read the report of one guy who was damaged by Yunis. He was just on the assembly line of repairs —yunis wrecked him and couldnt even remember his case. Thats a real issue with Kang who performs 12 surgeries per day —thats a lot –it makes me wonder if he might just take a play off on a surgery or two…its just human nature when faced with a lot of work. Watchful do you have any thoughts? You indicated that Conze might be less volume more attention, I am guessing all these surgeons are doing many surgeries per day…good because of the experience…bad because we the patients just become a commodity….it surprises me that any surgeries every turn out ok

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