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If you have not done so already I would highly encourage you to reach out directly to the Vincera Institute and request to speak with a doctor or clinician there directly about your case, despite having many very high profile clients they are remarkably reachable and will often speak with you over the phone before you head out to Philadelphia. They really have top-notch service.

Much of Dr Meyers focus is on athletic injuries to the pelvis, groin, and abdomen, but they also address hernias, nerve entrapment, hip trouble, and other causes of groin pain. I haven’t seen much specific discussion about mesh removal from there but given their focus and expertise on the groin it’s certainly worth inquiring about.

There are many discussions from various patients of Dr Meyers on “” its a runners forum, but most are for the “sports hernia” injury and so I don’t know how relevant it is to your case but it could be useful anyway

Good luck and keep us updated on your case.

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