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They found the hernia’s I had on a CT scan and that’s how I knew they were there but they were pretty much accidently found just like a lot of things are on ultrasounds and CT scans, something usually always pops up on them that you wouldn’t have known before.

I had a small indirect inguinal not even a half inch containing fat on the left and about the same size on the right that was a femoral hernia containing fat, they were nothing to worry about and they presented no pain. I could have watched and waited for years, hernias can even get huge but still cause no pain and to me it seems like up to 40% get chronic pain somewhere down the road especially with mesh.

An inguinal hernia will not cause back pain though, you might just have a slight hernia that’s there but the pain is coming from your lower back. My back pain was kind of on both sides but the right side more of my lower back was worse. A surgeon talked me into surgery that I didn’t even need, they say oh hernia surgery is nothing you will be on your feet in no time and that’s far from the truth, hernia surgery sucks, especially with mesh!

When you have lower back pain those muscles can be overworked so therefore your lower abdominal muscles have to do extra work and that can cause groin and testicular pain. Get an ultra sound or CT scan to see but definetly do research on hernia surgery and mesh to get some insight though.

Best wishes UhOh!

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