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quote Chaunce1234:

rbh05, you’re very welcome I hope some of the information shared here is useful. Do you mind sharing a little more about your case? Age? General health? Onset of symptoms? Was anything noted in your pelvic/ab imaging scans? Did you get any imaging with valsalva?

Please keep us updated on your case, symptoms, progress, and decision making. Best of luck!

Hey chaunce,sorry i completely floated over that part of your message!
i am age 21, my pAin slowly started at around age 17. No injury or anything, just slowly began devloping pain after ejaculation that to this day has been worsening. The only significant thing that happened at that point in my life was I started working at a very stressful place and absolutely hated it. I was a gamer as a kid so saw little physical activity until I started exercising around 18. Was never really overweight due to crazy metabolism, couldnt necessarily say my diet was good in the past. The mri showed free fluid in the pelvis, and the ct scan showed some thickening in the colon and rectum. Colonoscopy showed a perfectly healthy colon. No imaging with valsalva. Have lost hope in the doctors within my HMO, they havent really done much anyway..

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