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I was diagnosed with a left inguinal hernia a month ago. I’ve had pains on and off (now more constantly) for almost 4 months. Three days ago, I noticed a tiny lump smaller than a grape on my left side right where the line to my pubic bone starts but about an inch to the left where they said I had the hernia more or less and another lump the same size and feels the same way right on top of my public bone. the second lump is in the middle on top of my vagina between my two labia. First I thought it could be a pimple but it is not. Could I have a hernia right in the middle there too? I am so worried about my hernia or hernias becoming incarcerated that I can’t sleep at night. I didn’t feel these lumps for sure when I got the diagnosis. I get pains on the left side now all the way to my thigh, the back of my knee, and the big toe. When there is any weight on my left leg it hurts. I have a hard time finding a comfortable position to sleep in because having my legs too close together tightly also hurts. left was hernia diagnosed by valsava during ultrasound.

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