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I had daily pain especially after a bowel movement. I would have to lay down for hours. The pain was so intense and I became so bloated and swollen. I was told that after each BM it would push the fatty hernia further into the femoral canal. I also had back pain and leg pain. I feel like there is some nerve pain along the border of the mesh but will have to deal with that later. The surgery did help the main problem of pain after BMs! so that’s a plus. Hernia are no fun….and sometimes have to be redone. I hate the fact that I had it in the first place.

Right now the pain is to the right of the belly button where they removed the 2nd hernia. I feel pulling and pain when ever I use my abdominals or lean forward or backward. I hope removing them will resolve that pain.

It’s just a bad day for me….yesterday my lower back started to feel pain and now my back is out! I can barely walk. I didn’t do anything so I think I must have slept wrong because it started after I woke. Also having a lot of IBS/SIBO issues right now and am praying all will settle down for July 3rd. Either way, I am having this surgery…even if they have to bring me to the hospital on a stretcher because of my back. Can’t cancel again!

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