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Thanks for your prompt and informative response. I don’t have any recurring pain etc. I had pain a couple months ago but that has largely subsided. I stopped all physical activity when it occurred. The tension feeling occurs during ejaculation(I did it today and observed no pain at all and barely noticeable tension) and feels like it is right below my surgical area but moving towards my hip bone. I don’t feel any pain whenever I push on the area with my hand, sneeze or cough.

I can’t remember the exact exercise but I was doing possible overhead shoulder press/ hammer curls when I got the pain. I may have exacerbated the pain the following day by doing abs and very light deadlifts with poor forms ( I should know better).

Recently, I haven’t even gotten the heavy feeling. I spent yesterday shoveling dirt etc and I don’t feel any pain or sensation etc.

Any idea the type of costs associated with this type of procedure. I am outside the USA so if I were to travel then I would have to pay out of pocket. London(United Kingdom) may be more realistic to me since I will have to go to further my studies there in the immediate future. Do you have any references for doctors or hospitals in London?


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