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I saw the surgeon yesterday for my post op visit. It was 11 days since my surgery. There was still a small
awelling around the belly button. He said the pathology report showed fibrous tissue around the suture. I guess
that was the reaction I was having. He also felt the swelling and this time it definitely was a small seroma. It feels soft and squishy. If I contract my belly muscles near the belly button it pops out more. Really weird. Anyway, he attempt to drain it but only got the the tiniest about of fluid out. To me
it looked like 1 cc pinkish red liquid in the syringe. He said that it was probably multiloculated. He tried moving the needle around to different areas but nothing else came out. Today it looks a lot better but still
ibvious. He told me to wear a compression panty like a spanx. I am just praying it is NOT another hernia! Maybe I am just having anxiety. waiting it out. He said to return in4 months….unless there’s a problem. Oh well….I’m glad that pulling pain is gone!!! He gave me clearance to go in the pool so I am resting and swimming today!

Dr Towfigh….in case you are reading this… any thoughts? Once he removed the permanent sutures that were causing me pain he did not put any temporary sutures or mesh in. He said it healed ok. It was tiny to begin with and I had absolutely no pain before my surgery in this area. I k i.e. That hernias can recur and I hope he didn’t open a can a worms by removing something that didn’t bother me and I didn’t even know I had! He happens to fin this when he went in to repair my incarcerated femoral
hernia …… ughhhhhh

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