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Since my last post things have changed a bit. I no longer have persistent regular pain. Before I was feeling a pulsing pain every few minutes. That is now gone. I can rest or sit with little issue. Walking is for the most part is fine. I notice if I stretch, as many do in the morning upon waking, it can cause irritation and some pain that pops up off and on for the duration of the day. So I try not to do that. I have no noticeable bulges or discoloration. The area looks normal. I can depress the hernia area without issue as well. My bathroom functions are normal with no pain. I don’t usually need to take pain medications. I still do have some daily pain issues though, not large but annoying. I have not resumed a normal life as I wait for this to be resolved. I try to take it easy everyday and not aggravate the issue.

My surgery was May 5. Six weeks post surgery I was fine. I did nothing for six weeks per his instructions. My re-injury was around June 22 from playing some golf. Pain occurred after I played. I saw my surgeon on July 5 and he said my swinging a golf club caused an issue for the tacks to cause this pain. He said the tacks will dissolve over time. Right now I feel like I am in a holding pattern. Meaning not getting worse or better at this time. I am just perplexed at this point, shouldn’t the tacks be settled in and no issue at this point? I have a return visit with my doctor next month. Anything I should bring up to him or ask for to help resolve this?

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