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Kelly Winter

Possible hidden hernia? I have been suffering with nerve pain in my thighs for several years, but in the last year or so have also had pain in groin and hip area. I cannot stand for more than 15 minutes without being in a lot of pain!!! I am overweight,, carrying alot of my weight in my stonach. I have had mri’s of lower back, pelvic. Also have had hip x-ray, abdominal ultrasound and ct scan. All of these tests have come back normal and I do not have a bulge, nor do I have pain when I bend over or cough. Therefore I am told that I do not have hernias and have gone to 2 different hernia doctors. I did have a diagnostic mri guided nerve block done in December of 2015 at Johns Hopkins. I had reached back out to that radiologist asking him to go back and look at my films and tell me if he sees any inguinal hernias and he stated yes that I have bilateral inguinal hernias. Problem is, he is the only one that sees this, both hernia specialists looked at same films and said that I don’t have them. I am at wits end and just cry when I have to explain my pain to doctors for the 50th time out of frustration. Is it possible that I may have them and if so looking for a doctor in Maryland that might actually listen to me.

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