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I thank you to enable me to chime in this discussion. I am a 62 year old hernia surgeon in S. Korea.

If we talk about car driving, we can say there are some fearful dangers. Nonetheless we usually drive our cars without accident. If we talk about the risks of hernia repair, we can say all kind of fearful and dangerous possibilities. But we need to talk about it, based on real experience and results rather than on theoretical possibilities which make us confused.

As you know well, there are some surgeons who prefer mesh repair and others non mesh tissue repair. I myself am one of those who strongly assert that inguinal hernia must be repaired without using mesh.

The reason is that mesh repair problems currently take place in reality (even in this forum we can find some who suffer from mesh complications). Contrastingly risks of tissue repair are discussed mostly on theoretical basis. Its like we say car-driving is dangerous. For your reference I talk to you I have no accident in more than 30 years driving.

Another reason why I prefer non mesh hernia repair is that no mesh tissue repair, if done properly, can show even lower recurrence rate than mesh repair. Actually I have performed more than 5,000 no mesh inguinal hernia repairs for the past 4 years and the actual recurrence rate so far is about 0.5%.

It is not a wrong decision that you dont go through mesh repair. I strongly recommend that you find a good surgeon who does non mesh repair properly.

Thank you!

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