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Also in response to your point why do so many surgeons use mesh-I believe it is for a Minnetonka of reasons.
1) I believe mesh was and is promoted to lower recurrence rates. This is debatable but that is what they believe.
2) mesh covers up all the weak spots in the ground where hernias can occur so it protects
you from other hernias-direct indirect and femoral no matter which one you are going in for.
3) most surgeons also use mesh Bc that is what they are trained in how to do.

however the downside to mesh is that it is a foreign body in your system and can cause a boat load of trouble. Chronic pain has gone up with mesh even if recurrences have maybe slightly gone down-again debatable.
if it doesn’t go wrong you are in a big world of hurt with very difficult decision of what to do.
my biggest problem isn’t with mesh itself but the fact that it has become so prevelant that it is very difficult to find alternatives. When I got my repair I wasn’t give a choice-i just trusted what my surgeon told me. At the very least surgeons should receive equal training in mesh and non mesh repairs so the patient can make an informed choice. However the pure tissue repair seems on its way to becoming extinct and that in my opinion is just flat out wrong. There isn’t ever just one way to do something

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