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I’m 5’7″ and 160 lbs. right now, but I am very thin at 160 (I guess everyone carries their weight differently). I actually lost roughly 55 lbs. last year. I was between 200 and 215 at one point and finally managed to lose the weight. I may have had the hernia longer than I realized but didn’t notice it until I got thinner. Then again, I’d swear the bump wasn’t there until a couple of weeks ago when I sneezed after doing very strenuous yard work. Felt a sharp pain then noticed the bump later that evening. Perhaps it had already been developing and that was the last straw. At any rate, I think I’ve done a fair amount of due diligence regarding my surgeon. He has very good ratings on various sites that come up in a Google search, and he was recommended by my PCP. He’s been doing this for a long time as well, is known as the ‘hernia guy’ it seems locally, and I liked his personality and demeanor and the things he told me. Just need to decide now if I will put this off until I’m more symptomatic or just get it over with. Might make another appointment with him at a later date to ask some follow-up questions once I decide for sure to get surgery. Might ask him more about pure tissue repair and the mesh he plans to use and if he’s had to remove any before etc etc.

And yes, I think the stuff about not being 100% after any surgery or bodily damage and repair is absolutely true. Nothing seems quite exactly the same afterwards. There’s always something noticeably different with any surgery I have had. Usually nothing I notice regularly or that causes any issues for the most part, but always something. Certainly as we travel through life we get bumped and scraped and scarred. I realize as I get older that’s unavoidable, but you CAN minimize this to some degree through moderate exercise, a good diet and generally trying to take care of yourself. And of course doing your homework before rushing into any surgery 🙂 But in the latter case at the end of the day you do have to relinquish some control to the surgeon and then just hope he’s having a good day and all goes well.


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