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Hi Dr Kang,

Thank you for your very helpful and informative response. I shall bare all you have said in mind at my consultation and report back. I have strong faith in my consultant, he too shuns the use of mesh, hence using component separation technique and locally is a very well respected and sought after surgeon.

You have also answered an unasked question that I had, i.e. if mesh/some material is used, isit just “patched” across the opening or is it used to reinforce the sutured repair. I shall be sure to ascertain exactly how the repair will be done and what mesh/material will be used.

You mention the use of Goretex cloth would that be “Gore-Tex Dual” mesh? Which I believe has some anti-adhesion properties.

Having read (“Biologic versus Synthetic Mesh Reinforcement: What are the Pros and Cons? FitzGerald and Kumar”) further about the use of mesh and component release technique I am wondering if some sort of mesh/material should have been used to reinforce the repair.

Thanks once again.


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