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quote mulligan22:

I visited my surgeon again in August and he did have an ultrasound performed on me, with valsalva, and it showed nothing of concern to him. He isn’t interested in having an MRI or CT scan performed. I look normal, no bulges or discoloration. Bodily functions are normal. My surgeon isn’t offering me anything now except trying pain management shots.

Find a surgeon who removes mesh and also repairs hernias. Your surgeon did what most hernia repair surgeon’s typically do – confirmed that his repair had not failed (recurrence is the main official failure mode, pain and discomfort don’t count), and offered medication to cover up the symptoms. Only a surgeon who has accepted that the mesh repairs can fail or have problems, and that some people’s bodies will not accept certain types of mesh will be able to give you good informed advice. Many surgeons who use mesh are in what looks like some form of mass denial about the flaws of such a very widespread, and growing, hernia repair method. It’s a difficult subject to deal with, but they’ll have to come around eventually.

Chaunce1234 has put a list together which you can find on this site. A few doctors that remove mesh and also repair hernias are Dr. Towfigh, who often posts on the site and is a moderator, I believe, Dr. Peter S. Billing of Edmonds WA, Dr. Brian Jacob, in NY, (he actually lists mesh removal as one of his procedures on his internet profile), and Dr. Igor Belyansky, in MD. There are several others. They have seen the signs of bad mesh and also the results of removal so they should have the best perspective. Doctors who only do mesh implantation, like your surgeon, generally don’t want to, and don’t know how to, deal with mesh-related problems. It’s just the state of the industry at this time.

I’m not saying that you will need or want mesh removal. But getting an early evaluation and gaining knowledge now will help you in the long run. If your body is not dealing with the mesh in the right way, time will not help much besides getting used to a diminished life, and it might make the mesh more difficult to remove.

Your situation is very similar to mine, in all aspects. It started about started about three years ago, with Bard Soft Mesh and a direct inguinal hernia. Good luck.

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