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Dr. Procter, Thanks for the information.I think at this point I will move forward with exercise with caution. When I had the examination I qualified for a low income medical care called MISP in CA. where I was living at the time.
I saw a Dr. and was told I had approximately a year wait time until the operation as there were many people ahead of me. In the interim I researched and did not like what I was reading about the outcome as many people had symptoms that were bad.When I saw the Dr. who was to perform the repair he asked if I was planning to return to the gym.I said yes and his reply was that mesh was needed then.

My “problem” is I am very strong so it is easy for me to move up in weight in the gym.I was preparing for a competition and pushed it a tad too much.The worst part was the phycological effect on me.Being at the time the gym was my life I felt everything I worked for was gone.No more strongman/bodybuilding competitions.

Mixed with other personal issues at the same time I just disappeared from that lifestyle.

But it is not one you can give up as at least for me it runs in my blood.
I would like to thank you and Dr. Towfigh for providing this forum and insight.

And I wish all members on here who are not as fortunate as I am the best with their hernias.
I will continue to monitor this board as this is the best I have found.
Once again thank you.

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