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Also more gassy now as trying to pass gas gets “trapped” feeling.Left incision doesn’t really have pain…just feels “noticable” and doesn’t shoot pain straight through.Incision area and back act up at the same time.The strangest part is how the left hip area feels…no pain, but once again”noticable” just like the feeling there is light pressure applied.

Only thing I can feel is the plug on my right incision.But this is how my original symptoms we’re as well.The Dr. could barely feel anything in the inguinal canal and ultrasound/xray showed it.Which I guess at this point it is a watch and wait to see if symptoms reside….it has been 33 days since said aggravated activity and my body can take up to a couple months to chill out.

But I have a bad feeling about this.

IF……It is recurrence what is the procedure to remedy this?

Like anytime is a good time for this right? But at the moment this is really bad as I am to start school next fall and the waiting list to get in has been long.
Well,here is to wish full thinking and hope it is not recurrence.

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