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The general advice is to “listen to your body”. Your body doesn’t always give you good feedback though, but walking is generally better than sitting around. Blood clots, getting fluids moving to where they can be removed, and things like that are helped by walking. I would just avoid getting too far from home and avoid getting in to situations where you might have to exert yourself too much. Mud, ice, steep slopes, etc. I walked a lot after my hernia repair and never felt ill effects, from the walking. Although I did have problems with the mesh, long-term.

Interesting that you found someone to remove a lipoma after nobody else would. Can you describe the materials? Was mesh used? Do you know what type and how much?

The incisions above the navel are typical of what they call TAPP laparoscopy. They work from inside the peritoneum, the “bag” that your organs and intestines are in and cut through at the points they need to do the work. As opposed to TEP where they create a space between the peritoneum and the muscle wall of the lower abdomen. I’ve had both done. Sometimes they go even higher, closer to the rib cage.

I’m not a medical doctor so some of my descriptions might be off. But I have had a TEP and a TAPP surgery.

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