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So update on where I am at. Still deciding what/who to go to to figure what is wrong with me. I have a CT of abdomen/pelvis scheduled for next week at teh order of my PCP, but I do not trust the guy. I also have an appointment scheduled with another orthopedic who specializes in the hip and also works with sports hernia patients on January 12th. I am debating whether I should even have the CT done because wondering if this new guy will want to do his own or if it is to my advantage to get it done now and have the CT to take with me to my appt on January 12th…..any advice?

Hesitant to go right to Dr. Pauli in Hershey because it is over 4 hours away so if I have to go multiple times it could get rough, and I am not positive I have a hernia so my logic is I should go to a general sports med doc who has worked with people with sports hernias since I have both right side pelvic and hip pain.

Essentially 3 options for my next step:
1. Dr Pauli who would only be looking for a hernia or not (general surgeon)
2. Dr Craig Mauro (orthopedic surgeon) who deals with sports medicine injuries and hip injuries
3. Dr. Brian Zuckerbraun who was recommended to me by my pelvic floor physical therapist who said that three therapists she’s worked with have gone to him for hernias and loved him (general/trauma surgeon)

Any opinions would be appreciated!

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