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Good intentions
quote jerseattlewa:


I had mesh implanted 16 years ago for a hernia.

Was the procedure open or laparoscopic? Probably open? It might be a factor in choosing a surgeon.

Ironically, I think, when choosing a mesh removal surgeon you’re in about the same boat as when you were choosing a hernia repair surgeon.

I think that there are doctors at the University of Washington who remove mesh also.

Good luck.

p.s. your posts are very long and unformatted and difficult to read. Even though you’re frustrated and have been dealing with the problem for 16 years, you still have to make it as easy as possible for other people to help you. Especially the physicians since they live with the modern bureaucracy on a daily basis. Their professional lives are complicated. Get your medical records compiled and in order. Write a short concise direct summary of your problem, and make it available. I’ve found that sending letters helps because they can read them (or a medical assistant can read them and summarize) at a convenient time, and because your thoughts will be clearer. The letter needs to be short, direct, and to the point though. If your graduate work wasn’t in medicine, your thoughts on the field will be discounted. Stick with history and symptoms, I’d say.

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