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I wrote a longer reply but it was held for moderation, hopefully this shortened version will go through.

Anyway, you will want to seek out a specialist with experience specifically in mesh removal for the type of hernia repair you originally had (open vs laparoscopic), then discuss your specific case with them.

Here are a few potential leads on the west coast, you may need to travel unfortunately:

– Dr Peter S Billing in Edmonds WA

– Dr Andrew Wright at UW Seattle (unclear about mesh removal experience, contact office for more details)

– Dr Robert Martindale at OHSU Oregon

– Dr Shirin Towfigh in LA California (she runs these forums)

– Dr David Chen at UCLA California

– Dr William Brown in Fremont California

There are others elsewhere in the country too if location does not matter to you.

It may be helpful when presenting the case to doctors to bring your original operative report, medical records, details about original surgery, list and description of specific troubling symptoms, list of what helps and what makes it worse. Having important elements in bullet points can help them scan data, that’s just my observation from being a fellow patient.

Best of luck, and keep us updated on your case and decision making.

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