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  • drtowfigh

    July 23, 2015 at 6:11 am

    Opinions on mesh removal & managing chronic pain

    Based on your symptoms, it seems there are no neuropathic (nerve-related) symptoms.

    The Parietex ProGrip mesh is a Velcro-type Polyester mesh placed as an onlay mesh. Usually it is not sewn in or a maximum of one stitch is used. Can you describe what technique was used to repair your hernia? Was a separate tissue repair performed before mesh onlay? Was the mesh sutured in place?

    It sounds like your symptoms armed due to a tight repair. Tight repairs include symptoms such as inability to stretch out in bed, pain with any fullness, such as full bladder, full colon prior to a bowel movement, full stomach after a meal. Also, muscle contractions, such as during orgasm, can be painful. Physical therapy does not help because the mesh does not stretch and the scar tissue associated with the mesh is not the primary problem.

    Mesh removal may be necessary if the pain is debilitating. If not debilitating, sometimes time will allow your muscles to accommodate to the tightness. If mesh is removed, it should be done by a skilled surgeon who does these routinely. Risk of testicle loss is not zero but it is very low. You may or may not need more mesh placed. There are also mesh alternatives such as hybrid mesh.