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  • bayblu

    March 26, 2015 at 1:28 am

    Surgery with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction


    Thanks for having Chris get back to me. I explained to Chris that Fibro may be the reason I’m still having hernia pain, because, for instance, if I have a mammogram, with the machine or manually, I have extreme breast pain that lasts for 2 months each time! After that, the breast pain disappears completely again until the next mammogram. That’s crazy, isn’t it? Fibro is super weird like that. I never had issues like this in the decades before I developed severe Fibro. Because of this, I haven’t had a mammo for the past few years, and I’ve had almost no breast pain like that again. I still get some stabbing pains or other pains there, which Fibro causes everywhere in my body, but that’s completely different from the continual post-mammo pain.

    Edited to Add (ETA): I just remembered that after I see doctors who palpate my abdomen (and this was also back when my fibroid tumors were only a couple of mm.) I also have all these strange residual pains throughout my abdomen for a week or more. I try to put this kind of pain out of my mind as soon as I realize it’s Fibro-related, so I forgot about this. So, healing from major surgery is, of course, going to cause extra pain and for much longer than would be expected, because of my Fibro.

    From what I’ve read, any old injury can act up again in those of us with Fibro as well. So we’ll wait and see with the hernia pain. It’s only gone up to about a 3.5 so far, on a scale of 1-10, but I haven’t been able to stay up in the kitchen longer than 10 min. or so, because of all my other issues and recuperating from my other surgery, so I’ll write again when I can actually try to cook and be in there for an hour or longer, because that’s what was causing the inguinal pain to go to 10 and beyond, pre-surgery.

    I plan on working out on my exercise ball like I used to starting in April, which is what the doctors in your office advised. I’ll start out slowly, of course. I really want to rebuild my core muscles and see how much mobility I can get back, in spite of all my other issues. Before surgery, the inguinal hernia pain on my right side prevented me from being able to stay on the ball for more than 10 min. at a time, but before I even had hernias, I could be on the ball for three hours or more with no notable inguinal pain at all. I really hope I can have that again, and more, like riding my bike.