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      Here is a hot dissertation topic for a med school student without one: Consider recent posts here by @ajm222, @Chuck, and @Harry.
      Their posts combined cast a critical eye on current surgical practice, if valid will bring you enviable success if properly developed:

      (post #34749) writes thoughtfully how inflammation triggered by implantation can be a function of a risk benefit calculation.

      @Chuck and @Harry claim surgeons lie about the efficacy of a certain mainstream surgery:

      @Chuck (post #34747)
      “I cant beleive its legal. Beware of doctors who will cite studies. Ask for the citations and read them—-its rare that the studies say what the doctors say they do. In most cases openly placed mesh has less recurrence and less chronic pain. But the lies will continue because lap surgery makes so much more money than open. Voeller…pushes lap on everyone but then goes to shouldice for his own hernia. That says it all.”

      @Harry (post #34746)

      “Doctors that do lap steer you to it as the Gold standard with lies about studies showing it is the best for chronic pain and recurrence, In fact the opposite is true as some recent poster mentioned with the Oxford surgeon who gave up on lap.”

      Med students: To what extent are these claimed lies “a risk benefit calculation”? Or could they be what is literally claimed? To what extent are surgeon interpretations of research studies steered by personal financial considerations, if at all? How do surgeon promises match up with standard textbook surgery for “lap surgery”?

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      Pinto thanks for posting this. Newbies need to know that lap mesh is their worst option. Watchful wrote that it struck him as highly invasive and dangerous. Not sure why I fell for it. It was promoted as the new way. Doctor told me i would be back in the gym in a week with little surgical pain or complications. Chuck NFG Good Intentions and so many others will testify they were destroyed by lap.

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      William Bryant

      Harry, I think the oxford surgeon wasDr Sadler. It surprised me that he held that view as I thought the consensus was lap lead to less chronic pain. What’s perhaps just as surprising, if not more so, is that there seems to be no conclusive studies.

      It’s reminiscent of the surgeons who saw the damage causes by mesh and went back or turned to tissue repair.

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