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Before i hit the cemetery...mesh removal? Towfigh kindness - HerniaTalk

Before i hit the cemetery…mesh removal? Towfigh kindness

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      Guys..i had double lap tep mesh last july,,,largely because Dr Towfigh kept saying in her videos that it was the best way to go. and because docs recommended it. Since that surgery nothing but issues…burning pain in the perineun and penis pain…hesitaancy…urgency…and more recently stabbing in the abdomen..around the naval and in my sides…also pressing anywhere on the stomach gives me an urge to pee. I never had ANY of these symptoms pre-surgery..What do folks think about mesh removal now? if i am suicidal over the symptoms i think its worth a shot to get a clean slate.. fwiw i am 60 so no spring chicken…i know removal is brutal…but many i talk to say 3d max bard is a time bomb and will only get worse…prone to fold and ball up….i just want this junk out of me. Saw Dr, B in annapolis,,,he said he could get the junk out in two hours….Dr Jancyk said plan on 3…i had a large indirect hernia that will likely recur…if it does i want to go to kang…do the risks of removal in any way merit the benefits? i have talked to about 4 guys who had pretty easy removals…but i know others had big problems…i am less than a year in…i thing that bodes well…any thoughts appreciated…

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      i meant to add that Dr Towfigh very kindly reached out to me to offer her assistance….

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