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      Bryant found many of your posts as I perused the forum including your one on mental health which made me laugh out loud. So true. This surgery is keeping me up nights. You bounce between kang shouldice and desarda and then back. It seems that for a long time Desarda was the red headed stepchild here. Towfigh bashing it as a 50s reboot. Some guy from the forum actually has a FB page trashing it. He was destroyed by Tomas. So where do you stand today? Given that you have skin in the game I value your take. I am starting to think Shouldice is just too damn dangerous. Kang numbers are hard to interpret. Pinto had a pain free experience but the overall pain number cited by the doctor himself dont seem that great—pushing 20 percent chronic pain – thats more than the study cited by Towfigh for open surgery -15%. Now the Lorenz interview seems to have resuscitated Desarda—even Towfigh reconsidering. And Watchful seems to recommend it. I have found him to be exceptionally articulate. I havent ruled out mesh by Krpata- given the legions of seemingly successful open mesh patients. I saw a group in the UK that said the mesh concerns were silly and that the practice had never had an issue in many thousands of repairs. Tomas says chronic pain does not exist for desarda though he concedes recurrance rates are higher near term. You seem as petrified as I am so very much value your opinion. Chuck Taylor has me convinced not to wait. And it seems like watchful and maybe oceanic got poor resutls in part because they watchful waited for too many years. Chuck says fix ASAP with the best tissue guy there is –or with krpata or Chen for open mesh. What say you?

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      Just called the Desarda center in fort myers —it was a big sales pitch. We have a 1 percent recurrance rate -we are the best technique by far – we cant keep up with demand -buy now while we still have inventory! Disgusting. Does anyone know if Desarda himself is still operating. Korea is not far enough I want to go to India! Chuck T told me most US hernia surgeons are scum – I think i am beginning to understand.

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      William Bryant

      I believe Prof Desarda has retired. But he has always said it’s an easy surgery to learn and does list surgeons who perform it on his website.

      I’m still undecided – that’s why I’m eager to Oceanics progress as Germany is nearest to me.

      It was actually Watchful’s wife’s description of Shouldice as a “Picasso” op that put me off a bit however as Lorenz for Shouldice apparently, as other hernia surgeons have, it may be best as there must be a reason they’ve gone for Shouldice.

      So no answer, as all the intelligent posters say, choose surgeon as experienced as you can and, as chuck says, pray.

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      thx Bryant. I guess the odds of getting a good result here are not good. I have been asking around about hernias. Nearly everyone who says they got one -had lichtenstien repair. All report it doesnt bother them. so maybe i will go to krpata or chen who are reported to be the best open mesh guys in the country. If you find a good desarda guy let me know —maybe lorenz?

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      If you consider Lichtenstien, you might be interested in this video by Chen, Common Mistakes, in doing Lichtenstien. Of course directed to fellow surgeons.

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      Chen says they now use 7×15 cm mesh. As long as it doesn’t cause any problems years later I guess it’s ok.

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