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      As i try to clean up my double inguninal lap mesh disaster…i am seeking guidance about what do do once my ab wall is shredded by removal. Dr Tomas has refused to do a desarda repair on my Bard 3e max removal tissue…Dr, Towfigh dismisses the Desarda repair and continues to push the dangerous lap mesh solution as the gold standard….i believe lap mesh should be outlawed…this is a maximally invasive surgery that places plastic blankets all over your critical organs…i can no longer urinate thanks to this operation…I have retained the brilliant Dr Belyanksi to try to pull out this junk…he advises its probably stuck to everything..and that this is normal…yea normal to have plastic crap stuck to your bladder and spermatic chord…Desarda technique has much to recommend it…simple surgery minimal tissue discruption.tension free..leaves no foregin material in the body…low rates of recurrance and chronic pain…how dr fowfigh can say that lap mesh is a better solution bewilders me….yea yea i know…i am one of the “few” who just got a bad result..yea right…but desarda is unavailable to me…The great Dr kang has advised he can repair me if i recur however. The criticsm i see for dr kang surprises me…but of course it comes from folks who were not operated on by him…thunderrose calls him a marketer…others say he is trying to prove a concept…of course the patients that he fixes are universally happy…does this humble christian dr need to market at 67 years old? likely a millionaire many times over he continues to operate out of a love for the surgery..and a desire to help people…answering questions from fools on message boards. Dr kang…i have retained Dr Belyansky to remove my inguinal mesh…while he is great at robotic removal of ingunial installed mesh he is not known for tissue repairs…i had a large indirect hernia…that i think will roar back upon mesh removal…would you advise removal by Dr B then a trip to korea to fix they recurrant hernia…or could you remove the mesh and fix my hernias in one operation with the best tissue repair in the world….some say and you appear to agree that your removal pf lap installed mesh may not be the best approach in most cases…but you suggest that it might be the best approach if someone wants to fix the underlying hernias with a kang repair…rather than undergo two operations…i wonder whether one perforemd by you…is not the best approach…i have the utmost respect for DR B…but if i could avoid two operations…and simply have one to fix this mess it would make all the sense in the world…Thanks DR kang for taking the time to respond here…i trust you have gained more experience in lap removal since we chatted last…god bless the work you are doing.

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      I am sorry you are in this predicament. Not an easy decision to make. I think it is wise to look at your options like you’re doing. It could be that dr Kang might not even see this message as he probably has a full schedule. Stephen is the one you need to contact to schedule an appointment and obviously they will have to go over your situation and options.

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      Dear Chuck,

      It would be better for you to get robotic mesh removal from Dr Belyansky.
      And I will do Kang repair happily for you if your hernia recurs.
      There is a chance that a recurrent hernia will not occur even after mesh removal.

      The reason I remove laparoscopically implanted mesh through an open approach is because of our special situation. We have no laparoscopy surgeon in Korea to remove the lapa mesh.

      And I personally do not support Desarda technique because reinforcement of the transversalis fascia, which I think is the most important step in hernia repair, seems not robust.
      I wish you a successful mesh removal.

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