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      Dr Towfigh. First let me thank you for your input here. For donating time so generously. You always say lap tep mesh is one of the best options for hernia repair. But the more I study it and talk with patients and doctors the more I am terrified that I got this surgery. The complication rate and the variety of complications that can occur is enough to make me wonder how this procedure is legal. The mesh in lap is just placed like a blanket over the abdominal wall. And its placed with very little care. It gets tied up in the spermatic chord the vas and the nerves. It grows into the bladder. It migrates around the abdomen attaching and growing into everything in sight. I want to get this plastic junk out asap and approached dr yunis about it. Very nice fellow very professional. But he advised me that in 9 months my mesh was likely already glued to the spermatic chord and that removal would give me lifelong chronic testicular pain. I was shocked. Then he said scar tissue and adhesions would likely complicate removal. After 9 fing months??? What happens in 10 years. Or 20. I now have 48 square inches of plastic snake moving throughout my ab wall. Am I missing something here? I respect your views greatly but how can this procedure be the best option for hernia repair?? Everyone I talk to who had this done has some kind of issue. Nicked bladders. Urinary issues. Testicular pain
      Inguinal pain. I am greatly saddened that I didn’t take the time to observe lap surgery before having it done. No one who watched the surgery would ever do it. Yunis a lap surgeon by trade says in your interview that complication rates are low. But when I talked to him he said open no mesh was the way to go in nearly every case. So when I keep hearing lap tep mesh is the gold standard I am skeptical. I have rad studies sayin lap tep mesh recurrence rate in 2 years is 15 percent. Again shocked I got suckered into this surgery.

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      Something not to forget if you have a mesh implanted:

      A mesh masquerading as malignancy: a cancer misdiagnosed:

      “Use of synthetic mesh is a very common technique for repair of abdominal wall hernias. If, like our described case, these meshes can mimic an invasive cancer, then the patient’s surgical history becomes a crucial element of MDT discussions”

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