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      mike if you are going to see kang again can you ask him if he can do a repair over tissue where bard 3Dmaxx mesh removal has taken place…stephen said yes…but i would rather hear it from the man…Good intentions has implied that tissue repairs may not hold on tissue that has had mesh removal performed….


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      Mike M


      I will see him late this week and ask him.

      Dr. Kang’s abilities, his team, and hospital are amazing to witness firsthand.

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      William Bryant

      I’m liking the sound of the last sentence!

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      Mike M

      Chuck, I should have an answer for you late Friday or on Saturday.

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      Mike M


      I did confirm with Dr. Kang today that he would be able to do his repair under your situation.

      My personal experience? I have found Dr. Kang to be incredibly talented and lives up to his near superhuman reputation. His hospital is ran with incredible efficiency only to be outmatched by his precision as a surgeon.

      I was seriously freaked out by idea of this whole hernia operation. However Dr. Kang and Stephen were able to calm me down once I got here. Dr. Kang exudes confidence that is very comforting and he can back it up with results.

      I stayed here two weeks (which I recommend if you can afford to take the time off) but one week is doable too.

      My hernia was definately not the easiest to do either. It was “deep” and about the size of an EGG! Everything went great and my final sonograph before I leave looked perfect.

      I am planning to write up a big review including what to expect with recovery pain, procedure, and the overall experience once I get back to the states next week.

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      William Bryant

      Looking forward to reading full report Mike, thanks.

      Can I just ask, during the 2 weeks, how many times did you see Dr Kang? And how many nights did you stay at hospital?


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      Mike M


      I saw Dr. Kang four days out of my trip.


      #1. Preop testing

      #2. Operation (stayed the night after op)

      #3. Day after operation

      #4. 12 days after operation for final discharge and ultrasound.

      It was efficient which I really appreciated but through and reassuring during the entire process. I also had communication with him on another day.

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