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      as i approach my double mesh removal surgery with DR B severral have cautioned me against it saying that my risk of developing a femoral hernia which only be fixed with mesh is significant…apparently removing the plastic garbage causes the abdominal wall to weak and a femoral hernia to form which can only be repaired by mesh….did those of your removing mesh consider this danger….thoughts?

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      Good intentions

      I have never heard of such a thing. In all of my reading over the years I have never ever read that mesh removal can lead to a femoral hernia. For any type of mesh repair.

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      Hi Chuck , I’ve never heard of that myself . I have a possible femoral hernia( ultrasound showed I have one but then MRI showed that I apparently don’t have one) I am waiting for Dr Towfigh to check my images and confirm or rule out femoral hernia. I contacted dr Kang and I know he performs tissue repair for them tho so dose Yunis , bio hernia in Europe and also Shouldice hospital . Am not sure if you have to have mesh repair with it . It seems to me some doctors think that but some doctors don’t .

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