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      GI thanks so much for your input…i am in panic mode as i consider removal surgery. Its hard to believe that a tough surgery like this wont have consequences when the original “routine” surgery has destroyed my life. Dr B gave me lots of warnings about what could go wrong and he said he couldnt say that the surgery would make me better at all…the urinary symptoms,..burning…weak stream prostatitis like symptoms he said were really mesh symptoms…but i have spoken with several other mesh removal patiets who had these symptoms and they resoived with removal. My question for you GI is what symptoms did you have pre removal that made it necessary to proceed…you spoke about these symptoms in general terms but never with a lot of specificity. I suspect you were worried about mesh removal as you waited a number of years to pursue it…i am hoping that 13 months gives me some advnatage but maybe not. Dr Towfigh…you say these mesh problems only happen early…but i know numerous guys that had the mesh fold or migraate after 5-10 years…i would really like to consult with you before my mesh removal surgery as you are the other preeminent expert in this field…trying to pull my mri and send it to you.But every surgeon i sopke with said oh 3d max…your surgeon didnt do you any favors with that mesh….i asked several surgeons about the mesh pre surgery and of course they said it was fine and widely used….i hope you can see why us patients are very jaded about your profession…

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      Good intentions

      Chuck, I spent a year and half trying to live with the mesh because I did not want to go through with the removal surgery. And, even after one side of the mesh was removed I seriously considered leaving the other side in. I felt better after the first procedure and kind of slipped back to trying to live with a lower level of discomfort and pain. Now though, sitting here comfortably, I can see that leaving one side in would have been a terrible mistake.

      Dr. Billing did not have any problems removing the mesh from the side that did not have a direct hernia. The side with the direct hernia is where the mesh had attached to critical structures. He had to cut an epigastric artery, and had to leave a small piece of mesh behind because it was too entangled to risk removal.

      From your earlier description it sounds like your surgeon just created a space, maybe reduced the indirect hernia, dropped in some mesh, ands closed you up. The notes from your mesh implantation surgery will probably be more indicative of problems to expect from mesh removal. You should share those so people can see what happened in the mesh implantation procedure.

      I had a full MRI scan and it showed nothing that indicated any problems. They almost never do. It’s just another thing that is done even though nobody really believes that they’ll find anything that explains the pain or discomfort from mesh.

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