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      GI dont get me wrong…love your posts and read them like the bible…but what i dont get is you clearly have major issues with mesh…Its being used in the vast majority of cases on earth. If it was so dangerous it wouldnt have a 30 year history would it?? Look our cases are very similar…we both researched this to death..we both made bad decisions anyway…we both got talked into placing an extra mesh where it likely wasnt i may follow you with the removal process…can we be friends? Can i ask you whether you feel the removal process is destructive to the peritoneum? outside of the obvious risks of removal..are there are nore subtle ones i may be missing? I know every time you do a surgery it takes a toll…at nearly 60 i worry about DVT with a long surgery…some say having 3d max warrants serious removal consideration…others say 3d max is no worse than any other mesh…Yunis uses it exclusively for lap and he is a pretty sharp guy…who knows

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      Good intentions

      Sorry Chuck, I’m not sure what you’re trying to understand. Your first posts on the forum were about the surgeon who messed you up with mesh. Have you changed your mind? If you have, and you don’t have any serious mesh problems, that is great. You can carry on with your life, like many other people with mesh have.

      The heart of my efforts here are to make people aware that mesh implantation has many major flaws that are not disclosed when it is recommended by the surgeon. A much higher probability of problems of much greater magnitude than they are told. I think that the surgeons have been conned just like the patients.

      Look up travesty.

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      GI—understood…and appreciate your efforts. The main reason I like to pick your brain is because our cases are so similar. And your are one of the brightest minds here. I have Berlyanksy on deck for possible mesh removal…Nick said removal got rid of many symptoms. You had a positive removal experience. Given that i have Bard 3d max double mesh…just wondering if i should pursue removal…Nick says yes…that removal in the hands of an experienced surgeon is not that dangerous. You had a good experience…what do you say about removal in the hands of an excellent surgeon? You indicated you had no longterm issues from the removal itself…

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