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      Suffer with prostatitis like symptoms when your mesh was in? I have constant pain and burning. Weak stream. Urgency etc. nick Schiller advised he had the same until his mesh was removed. Then the symptoms went away. I have been taking antibiotics without any improvement.

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      Good intentions

      I did not, and have never had prostatitis. Are you still using a catheter? Apparently the irritation from the catheter can cause it.

      As I’ve mentioned before I had odd problems that seemed to be related to the generalized inflammation caused by the mesh. Once the mesh was removed the problems resolved and have stayed resolved.

      Whoever Rick Schiller is, he seems like you’re closest comparison.

      You should still find a good urologist and see what they think. But, just like searching for a good hernia surgeon, you’ll probably have to work hard to find a good independent-thinking urologist. Most of today’s doctors stick to the mainstream talking points because it’s too risky to stray from the herd. They have to fit in and focus on volume.

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