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      many here are messaging me offline saying it wont work or would cause to much tissue damage yada yada,,,,but when the great Dr, Kang speaks…i think we all should pay attention. I value your input as one of the most knowledgeable posters here. And as someone that went through traditional lap removal. Those removal surgeries are long and pretty brutal and i wonder if the doctors even can remove all the mesh. It would seem that doing this openly the mesh could be removed with certainty as Dr, kang has adivsed…no hunting and pecking with a robot…and he cuts the time for removal nearly in half with the added benefit of providing the best tissue repair in the world. Seems like this is definitely worth looking into more…..

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      Good intentions

      Hello Chuck. To be clear, I was not one of the people that messaged you with concerns, in case anyone wondered. Although I did mention some concerns in a previous post on the open forum, but Dr. Kang has addressed them.

      I would trust Dr. Kang’s judgment, especially since he also had concerns about open removal of laparoscopically implanted mesh before, as he mentioned in his reply, but now that he has experience he knows what he is dealing with.

      I think that there are two things to consider – the method and the individual surgeon’s ability to execute the method. One is knowledge, the other is ability.

      The only thing I would add is that it is possible that the mesh removals that Dr. Kang has performed might not have involved as much mesh as you have. It is unclear. You had two large pieces of Bard 3D Mesh implanted. Early laparoscopic TEP implantations involved smaller pieces of flat mesh, typically 4 inches x 6 inches. Your Bard 3D Max could be up to 5 inches x 7 inches of preformed mesh. In addition, there is shrinkage to consider. The piece of mesh that comes out is usually smaller than the piece that was implanted. I don’t know how fast that shrinkage occurs. I think that Dr. Kang is probably aware of these things though.

      I am not an expert. Just somebody who reads a lot. Keep working at finding a solution. Good luck.

      Here is BD’s 3D Max web page.

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      Although Dr. Kang’s surgery hernia surgery has had a positive reception in this forum, it’s important to remember that a mesh removal is a whole different ballpark than a hernia surgery.
      I understand you are in a desperate situation but i would caution that you take anyone’s words as a gospel.

      I do sympathize with your situation though which is why i decided to actually do my own research on Korean internet to see if anyone else has been in a similar situation as you. I found two instance of people getting their mesh removed from Dr Kang.
      In one instance, they do not seem to specify if the mesh was installed laparoscopically. But he did get it removed by dr kang through open removal and seems to be back living his life.

      In the second case, it seems like the mesh problem was very severe. The person seems to have gotten two mesh surgeries on the left side. One laparoscopically and the other open mesh surgery. This eventually caused him life changing serious problems.
      He did get the meshes removed through two surgeries by Dr Kang. The first surgery in 2018 removed a big chunk of it, but it seems like he went back to Dr Kang to get the rest removed in 2020. According to him, he went back because he would still get chronic pains non-periodically.
      According to him, during the first surgery, Dr Kang informed him that the mesh problem was so bad that it was pretty much impossible to remove the mesh without affecting the vas deferens on the left.

      He does detail a pretty difficult recovery process of a month. However, it’s important to note that he avoided painkillers.

      He made an update in 2021 about how he can exercise and live a normal life now. He does occasionally get some sharp pain in the left side if he exercises too much but it goes away pretty quickly

      If you want the links to any of these, i can provide them for you. They are all in korean though

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      thanks so much Dan….can i direct message you? would love to chat offline if that is email is [email protected]

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        You can just directly dm me on herniatalk

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