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      Do you think your case is an aberration? I dont suppose you can find it in your heart to have a quick phone chat with me as I make final arrangments to have the mesh removed. Honestly after reading your post…which i think you meant to be encouraging…i am more conflicted than ever, My mesh is pure junk..3d Bard..and there is a ton of it. Double sided. After reading your post i wonder if the trauma created by the removal will be worse than the trauma of leaving it in…i am only one year out of surgery..maybe less trauma? I just wonder how lap surgery is performed so frequently without complications…i have friends living with double lap mesh for 20 years without issue…whats the secret…a local surgeon told me he has done 200 lap surgeries a year for 20 years and never seen a complication…But your story is compelling it makes sense that this junk plastic would cause massive inflammation inside the body—the question is will removal cause more inflammation than just leaving it alone? No one knows…if you could find it in your heart to have a quick phone conversation i would be in your debt…happy to pay whatever you ask i am that desperate for guidance…soemthing tells me that you will decline…and it saddens me. Several others here have been very forthcoming and their removal stories overwhelmingly positive….but yours was definitely not that.

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      Good intentions

      Our situations are different Chuck, along with our personalities. And I am not an expert in surgery. But I don’t think that Dr. Belyansky would remove your mesh if most of his past removal patients had bad outcomes. A person would think that he must have had some successes, and patients were happy that they did it.

      I talk in person the same way that I write. I don’t see anything positive coming out of a phone conversation. Sorry.

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