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      i saw you post that you don;t understand folks with minor aches and pains who want to pursue mesh explantation. Can you elanorate? i have constant urinary frequency issues and burning ever since stupidly installing a double mesh repair….i want the junk out of me…what are your concerns?

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      William Bryant

      I won’t, can’t and aren’t, obviously, speaking for herniahelper, Chuck, but, as with all surgery, there is the risk of ending up worse off than you are. That’s what I’ve gleaned from this forum, it may even have been herniahelper who wrote along those lines. But whoever it was, it’s worth taking that on board and bearing it in mind.

      It’s for that reason I haven’t had surgery even though I hate having a hernia. It doesn’t, so far, cause too much discomfort. It’s irritating but not unbearable.

      I don’t like the fact I can’t carry what I used to but I have had to adapt to that.

      It’s also unsightly.

      And me being me, I dont like that I have something like it.

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