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      Mesh Supporter

      Hi all – I’ve been lurking around the board for quite some time, as I’m sure many others do. I just wanted to provide my perspective. Healthy 43m, avid runner and cycler. Have completed some marathons and triathlons. Felt the bulge and some pain back in the winter of 2022, had bilateral lap repair with mesh (the left was the cause of concern, but the right was also spotted through CT scan prior to surgery) through a surgeon recommended by my GP. Easy surgery at my local hospital.

      It took much longer than the six weeks than the surgeon will tell you it takes to “fully recover”, but I’m feeling 10/10 on most days. I was probably back to my old fit self after about eight months, but that also includes being very active with high expectations. I found that manual PT really helped and would suggest it – scar tissue massage and stretching by professional – as well as continued activity as soon as you’re able. Don’t overdo it, but push it.

      I have never felt the mesh, but every now and then I feel some discomfort on my left side in the surgical area – something like a cramping. I don’t think it’s the surgical area per se, but scar tissue and the jumbling of different nerves and tendons. I find that doing the lunge stretch and yoga really help. Keep in mind, this doesn’t stop me from any normal activities. I’ll feel it when beginning a run or sometimes getting out of bed, but stretching and core workouts help completely. And keep in mind, I’m someone who runs 30 miles a week, so my discomfort is also due to tight hips and general athletic fatigue.

      Otherwise, I feel great and I have no concerns about reoccurrence or mesh (although early on, I did go back to my GP a few times about concerns, and each time he told me that the healing process takes a long time. He was right.). I’m athletic, I’m doing all normal household chores, and I’m thankful I had the surgery when I did.

      I’m posting this because there are so many sad stories on this board. I feel for all of you and I am sorry you are in this much discomfort. It may cause some who lurk to really be freaked out about the process. No surgery is 100% foolproof, but…you also won’t see positive stories about hernia repair on a message board like this because most people have successful repairs, forget about it, and go on to live happy lives. I analogize it to airplanes – we only hear about be accidents and disasters, and we don’t hear about the hundreds of airplanes taking off and landing as you read this post because they are largely uneventful and routine.

      I’m happy to answer any questions, and I am sorry for those that had negative experiences, but just remember that statistically the positive will far and away exceed the negative.

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      William Bryant

      Yes thanks, that’s another dilemma for us who are considering surgery as most of us will know people like yourself for whom mesh has been perfect. And I have met several people who have had mesh repair with no issues myself. About 7 – including one who had 3 hernias repaired and one who has had two repaired using mesh. My neighbour had one successfully repaired by mesh no problem but did mention a friend who’s outcome with mesh wasn’t so good.

      I think for many of us the thinking is although mesh can work very well, getting it out if it doesn’t isn’t easy. So let’s play safe and go non mesh.

      Good Intentions has a thread for mesh success stories by the way. He may want to add your post id imagine.

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      Thanks for posting. Lap mesh is so destructive to the body i am surprised you are doing so well. If you didnt have a bulge on the right you should not have fixed it. These lap surgeons always find a defect or a “weakness” on the other side as they like to say. Its a very common scam because its hard to catch by the insurance companies. I read that there is nearly always some kind of defect in every inguinal canal that could plausibly be fixed …lap surgeons seize on this to provide unnecessary surgery under the guise of saving you in the future then they get a double payment—daughters wedding coming up —better double mesh a few suckers. Then they slap another big plastic tarp in you. If it gets infected causes autoimunity cancer or chronic inflammation they could care less. CT scan is completely unnecessary per Dr Kang..and quite dangerous…but someone has to pay for those expensive CT scanners. Sadly i learned all this too late…but its good to have mesh folks posting here…so other considering it can get the full picture. Also lap surgery is always general anesthesia…lots of risks there…and most lazy surgeons will cath you when having you urinate prior would be enough…but they prefer to shift the risk to you —and make their life easier…if you get an infection or a stricture from the cath…oh well you signed something in the pre op stuff that insulates them. Its all so crooked…glad it worked out for you

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      Good intentions

      Thanks for posting. As you’ll find if you read more of the posts on the site, there is a large variety of mesh types out there. There are also several types of lap repair, and, of course, different types of hernia.

      Could you give the details of the type of mesh, the type of surgery, and the type of hernia, plus other fine details like type of fixation? “Lap with mesh” doesn’t really tell much since there is such a huge combination of possibilities. No offense intended. And, the name of the surgeon would be useful. Good luck.

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      I think the problem with mesh repair is that most surgeons will not acknowledge or mention that relatively high rate of complications ie 15% ballpark…

      Also stating what mesh was used, who was the surgeon etc won’t help much as there are too many variables at play ie this exercise must be done by the professionals not the patients.

      Ps: pure tissue repair of an hernia above the navel 20 years ago, and after few months I did get back to 100% and never felt any tingle or whatever…however the inguinal hernias are a different beast altogether which is why this time around I am watching it as still relatively pain free

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      Good intentions

      Welcome back Alephy you haven’t posted for a while. Again, no offense intended, but without examining the details, there is no possibility of determining a reason for the problems or for the success. It might be that there is no “silver bullet” good mesh or single “bad mesh” but there might be a collection of small factors that matter. Big names in the field have essentially given up on understanding how to make things better and are just riding the wave, accepting the problems as “normal” and unsolvable.

      Without the details, it’s just a gamble. Saying “I got lap with mesh and got good results” is just saying “I gambled and I won”. Again, no offense intended, but that’s all that can be derived from the statement. “Lap with mesh” is a huge and nebulous statement.

      supporter please stay in touch and give an occasional update. If you could supply the name of the surgeon, at least people might be able to improve their odds of success.

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      @goodintentions none taken😊
      Yeah I don’t post that often but I am more regular at reading the posts.

      Yes I agree that mentioning a successful mesh story without any details is way too generic. On the other hand I have a feeling some people in this forum seek a validation for this or that procedure or surgeon based on previous success stories from posters, which one should be careful about, unless we are talking about logistics information only eg which hotel to stay at, which insurance is accepted etc…

      However I have read with interest some comments that expressed doubts after visiting a surgeon where the poster went home with a definite bad feeling ( I am a strong supporter of one’s gut feeling😊

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