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      Folks sad to say that i am considering taking my life over my botched hernia sugery…let it be a warning to those on this board about the dangers of this surgery,,,it is not minor…it is not routine…i went to an experience lap surgeon…dr sam carvajal in glendake ca…he was boastful and a liar…claimed 5000 sugeries…claimed to be the busiest hernia surgeon in the country…claimed he could do bilateral inguinal lap in 17 minutes…told me no risks at all and said no one ever had pain…then he proceeded to butcher me with the gold standard lap tep mesh…within weeks i had terrible urinary issues that destroyed my life and left me bedridden…lost friends family my job,,,m gf andnow likely my life…these surgeries are not rixable when they go wrong…called 30 attorneys in CA no one would take my case even thought this surgery left me completely disalbed….i am in such pain and so depresswed…i will likely end m life soon…i studied the options but not as closely as i neeeded to …i listened to the blowhard Towfigh who said lap mesh was the gold standard for chronic pain and recurrance…ever wonder why she refuses to back this up wiht studies??? becuase there are none…she pushes a dangerous surgery so she can make money on the complications…congrats to all of u who found kang…i really believe he is the only safe option out there….i had a perfect life until july of last year when carvajal murdered me with his rushed and sloppy surgery,,,i now exit this life with sadness and regret that i didnt spend more time studying this issue..and instead listened

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      Good intentions

      Chuck I have known people in the past that were suicidal. I don’t know how to help them. One of them did commit suicide. I think that there are professionals out there that can help you regain control of your thoughts. If you decide to have another surgery the odds are very good that your life will get better. Seek help for your suicidal thoughts, then work on your physical problems. You will probably never be able to make somebody pay for the pain that they’ve inflicted on you. Don’t focus on that. Focus on yourself first.

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      Devastating losses, Chuck, devastating. So sorry to hear it and I hope you can still bear up. I googled this about your doc and his patient Erik N. Of Gardena, CA on 10/8/2020 lamented he had no legal recourse saying, “I cannot pursue it because doctors in California are immune to lawsuits as they are so well protected by laws.” https://www.yelp.com/biz/carvajal-sam-h-md-glendale

      Chuck, is that what you found? It is opposite to what I would expect. If docs are so well protected it goes against prior consumer protections, which seemed much needed. If really “immune” then perverse justice prevails. If so again, how much has this become a national trend? Chuck, I hope somehow you are able to break through this.

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      William Bryant

      This is bad news Chuck, sorry to read it. If you feel as low as this then mesh removal is worth trying. You may be so much better after. Not much to lose and a lot to gain.

      Even if you don’t want to risk another surgery yet, there are pain reducing measures that help some people. They may well work for you.

      Don’t give up, I know it’s easy to say!

      I’ve been quite low at times. I applied to join Digintas and death with dignity.

      All the best to you. Please try pain reduction treatment, mesh removal and a urologist over urinary issues. I think you said you were approaching 60, sorry if I have that wrong, there aren’t many 60 year old males without some retention/voiding issues etc.

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      Good Intentions is there any way i can chat privaetely with you about my case? I promise i wont take a lot of your time…given that my days here may be numbered…i just want the advice of the smartest guy on the forum…i am looking for hail marys at this point…I have had several tell me that their burning urinary symptoms resolved with mesh removal…i find that fewer and fewer surgeons are performing these…including berlyanksy who many recommend. I guess its more trouble than its worth to him,..you seem to have recovered from your issues with mesh removal so would just like to pick your brain…i suspect you are reluctant to chat because of significant ptsd…but it would be really helpful if we could email or chat on the phone? throwming myself on the mercy of the court here…thanks gi for any time u can provide

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      No “hail mary” is needed at this time. You have two things to do:

      1. Seek support from a mental health professional.
      2. Follow through on the advice to see a urologist.

      A single visit to a walk-in doc, your family doc, or a hospital ER will result in referrals for both.

      Stop suffering and either make the phone call to your family doc or just show up at a walk-in clinic or hospital. You can do that TODAY.

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      @Chuck, MarkT just gave you some solid advice. I’ve seen surgeons refer patients to urologists, well, because they’re the specialists. It kinda surprised me at first that the surgeon pauses until the urologist’s report. But it makes sense. Also I recommend you consult with Dr. Kang because recently I talked with him in his office about mesh removal, to confirm he does it and his reply was more than reassuring.

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      @chucktaylor, your situation is unfortunately not uncommon. It is one of the reasons I built this forum: so that you and others can seek help in whatever way is necessary to address hernia related problems.

      Complications can occur with any surgery, and any hernia surgery. And the recommendations I provide are based on large population studies and multiple international consensuses. But it doesn’t mean that nobody has complications from laparoscopic hernia repair.

      I agree with all the others pitching in here: please do consider seeking help to address your mental and physical health. I also agree that if your mesh is involved with your bladder, then that is very fixable surgically. There are many surgeons available in the US to address this. There are also other reasons that are treatable to explain your urinary symptoms. I have personally successfully treated many and so have my colleagues.

      My point is: reach out for help. Your messages on this forum have been heard. And you are not alone.

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      Mike M


      I am in South Korea now. I talked to Dr. Kang too regarding mesh removal and think he is definately an option if removing mesh is ultimately the solution. Go see a urologist and collect all the info, documentation, imaging. Stephen will make the hurdles of daily life for a non korean speaker in Seoul a non issue. Dr. Kang’s surgerical prowess is beyond impressive.

      See a mental health therapist and take medicine (the smallest dose you can tolerate) so you can hold out long enough to see the right doctors to resolve your issue.

      It sucks but at least know there are options. Dr. Yunis might be a good option too.

      I am healing up and will give a complete breakdown of my experience and Dr. Kang success in a few days.

      Stephen took me to the same cafe near the hospital you guys just ate at recently. It was fantastic and cheap as heck.

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