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      Hi everyone!

      I’d like to take this downtime from the Covid19 pandemic to help answer your questions via an interactive live video session.

      I know so many do not have access to their doctors at this time and are staying at home. I’m hoping a Q&A session may help ease some of your angst during this trying time.

      Please send me your suggestions and also which is the best platform on which to do this:
      Zoom, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, etc.

      – easy access for all worldwide
      – save-able content
      – able to include more than 1 person on video. I’d like to invite my surgeon colleagues to join me in your Q&A
      – interactive with the audience.


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      In 2016 I had surgery to fix a post traumatic flank hernia on my left side.
      Open flap surgery was done using a 20×30cm medium wt uncoated pp mesh.
      Several months ago,The surgeon said that the mesh tore from my spine. I felt cramping in the area and it was awful. I could feel the lump and believe it’s already grown in size.
      The surgeons told me I should get the lumbar hernia fixed ASAP
      My question is, what are the consequences if I do not get the defect fixed.

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      Likely no major consequences. Depends on what is actually in the hernia. I recommend robotic approach next time. It’s a better repair for most of them.

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      Hi everyone
      Let’s plan for this weekend: I will devote an hour Saturday and an hour Sunday. I’ll confirm date/times shortly. It will be on Zoom.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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