How does one fix a botched lap surgery? Imaging useless – kang? belyanksi?

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      I have had non stop urinary burning sensations since my botched surgery from Dr. Carvajal in glendale CA. i am now also getting dull aches in the inguinal area. I have consulted several surgeons including Dr Yunis…no one knows whats going on….what is the fix for this? Does one simply have to undergo new surgery and hope for the best? Is it best to simply have the mesh removed and hope for the best? This is something i missed during my research…if you do lap…and it goes bad…there is really no way to know wnat is going on…you are just stuck living in pain…I am tempted to fly to korean and just throw myself on the mercy of the best hernia surgeon in the world dr. kang…but since its a lap surgery…maybe best to visit Dr. Belyansky for corrective surgery? I understand Dr. Towfigh does corrective surgery as well? but you will be bankrupt after? any thoughts appreciated…i had a fairly large painless indirect hernia and a small direct…though i think Carvajal just lied and said i had one to double bill me…because i had zero symptoms….and no bulge whatsoever…yet he stuck in another huge piece of Bard 3d max…this really highlights the need to go to the best hernia surgeon in the world the first time…so sorry i didnt go to dr kang…it cost me my life…

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      William Bryant

      It’s a big decision. If it were me I’d go with Dr Kang or whoever did Good intentions. Failing that a surgeon with experience and good reviews.

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