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      Drs Kang and Towfigh thanks for responding to my questions about Dr Kangs proposed removal menthod for lap installed mesh. My question is this…you both agree that removing mesh openly is not the best way to remove lap installed mesh…because this requires the inguinal floor to be opened unnecessarily….But what if a person was pursuing a Kang repair after removal to prevent recurrance of the hernia???? An open tissue repair…would the inguinal floor be opened anyway for purposes of accomplishing the Kang repair…the greatest repair in the world??? if so then what our esteemed friend Dr kang is saying might make sense…if he is going to open the inguinal floor to fix the hernia anyway,,,then is it so harmful to open it to remove the mesh? My main concern is i want to remove my mesh without cutting nerves and i want to remove it completely….can the innovative kang lap removal protocol accomplish this?? if so it seems like a no brainer…remove the mesh completely…install the best repair in the world…all in a two hour operation??? Robotic removal alone would take four hours…and Robotic surgery is not gentle no matter what anyone says…its quite invasive…if i could have the best hernia surgeon in the world remove and fix my hernia in one throw…with a mere three inch incision per side…whats not to like??? It all seems to good to be true…but maybe one of you can explain why its not????

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      I disagree with multiple statements:

      – there is no indication for prophylactic hernia repair
      – open mesh removal of a posterior mesh is not less invasive than robotic approach
      – the extent of floor opening and tissue trauma via open approach to remove mesh is above what is necessary
      – nerves are almost never injured with robotic approach and actually more likely to be injured with open approach
      – 3 inches is considered a very long incision for any open inguinal surgery
      – robotic approach is more likely to remove all of the mesh than open approach

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      thanks dr towfigh…my issue is that i had a fairly large indirect hernia…and i am only 9 months out of my botched lap tep mesh surgery….my fear is that mesh removal would lead to an immediate reherniation…and i would be 10000 miles from dr kang….who appears to have created the most effective repair in the world….it makes me very sad that i am in this situation…because i was misled by doctors into beleiving that lap tep mesh is the gold standard…in fact lap surgery is very invasive to the tissue under the skin and requires blankets of mesh to complete…my failure to see Dr kangs excellent information…cost me the rest of my useful life…now i cant urinate…and am trying to find a way to remove the blankets of plastic garbage from my body….

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