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      Thanks to David for posting this fantastic lecture by Dr Kang explaining the history of hernia repair…and the different modalities. Must watch for newbies…very interesting that Kang says he “hates” the shouldice repair. Its overkill and has unacceptable recurrance rates when performed outside the shouldice hospital Concern is Kang is sewing the inguinal ring which is pretty dicey and could lead to chronic pain if not sewn correctly. But Kang’s explanation provides pretty good support for the reason he achieves such low recurrance rates….if you gotta flip between conze lorenz and kang….does Kang win here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzOyeRYysj4&t=9s

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      David M

      It does sound like he’s saying that his indirect hernia focus has been on making sure that the spermatic cord is protected in his process for closing the ring. (This was near the very end.)

      I suppose he probably has also been concerned with recurrence, but it’s nice to hear him put emphasis on protecting the cord and the nerve. Of course, saying it and doing are two different things, but it’s probably good he’s been trying to get the best method possible.

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      It seems to be harder to protect it with his technique because he doesn’t dissect the area (contrast with Shouldice), or just cover it (like Desarda).

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