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      Dr B took my double inguinal plastic garbage out on 9-2…finally starting to see some progress with the prostatitis like pains i had…poor urine stream…burning perineum….inguinal canal pain persists…but is getting better. It feels like the direct hernia on the right side has returned…i feel the dull ache i had premesh…but no bulge…Dr kang says wait for a bulge to explore hernia surgery…what do others say?…i dont want any more CT scans…but plan to have an ultra sound soon…i only had the liar promoted garbage in me for 12 months…i am hoping that means i dont have the same burned battlefield that our friend GI always talks about….I asked Dr B if i was basically a porcelain doll after the removal…and he said oh no…but be aware direct hernia might return—he has never seen an indirect hernia return…now that i understand how difficult hernia are to fix…my weight training days are over. My main issue is that i still struggle with depression from the stupidity of my decision. my friends in the mesh removal community say its not your fault these scumbag doctos lie. Thats true…but i knew that…and still got suckered….I was in perfect health before they shoved their plastic junk in me….i only pray that i can somehow keep improving….friends say you would be nuts to go to korea for follow on surgery….I tell them the hell i would be…i will not let any of the viper US surgeons get their mitts on me….anyone seeking removal i strongly recommend DR B….and please reach out with any questions or concerns…you are welcome to stay with me if you come see Dr B as he is nearby…and welcome to recuperate from removal surgery here as well…I feel he is the best removal surgeon in the world….i feel your pain….God bless you who are suffering

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      take care of yourself, hoping for a great recovery

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