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      Folks i know i have been posting here obsessively…sorry for that…i am just deeply depressed about my hernia surgery. I did the research before moving forward with Lap tep mesh…I chose it because i thought i had bilateral hernias and the doctors told me it was the least invasive way to go…two friends had the same surgery ten years ago without any issues. But within 6 weeks my surgery went south..with persistent urinary issues..difficulty urinating..poor stream burning prostatitis always feels like something is pressing on my bladder…all testing has proven negative…still waiting on stricture testing –but had a conversation with famed removal patient Nick…Nick advised me he had the same exact symptoms and they resolved when his mesh was removed. I have double mesh bard 3d max…which is prone to become problematic…while i dont currently have groin pain…i strongly suspect the mesh is causing my issues…when they place the mesh its bunched around the penis…and this is exactly where the urinary pressure is coming from. Jonah tells me that its easy to get Bard 3d max out…because its heavy..i had the medium to heavy grade…he thinks Berlyanksy will have no problem removing it. But i am approaching 60…and wary of general anesthesia dangers and blood clots…i am 7 months out of operation…without any sharp pain i am hoping that mesh can be removed without the nerve damage many experience. Unless mesh always wraps the spermatic chord and gets tangled in the nerves…maybe i can avoid this.with an early removal operation…nearly everyone i have spoken with has said they had bad symptoms from removal…but the symptoms resolved and they didnt have anything longterm,..luke ymaguch was able to have a shouldice repair for his recurrant hernia..after hoping my tissue wont ve so destroyed that i can tolerate a tissue repair if needed. Nick describes feeling euphoric when the plastic is out…i am sure i will feel the same…i havent felt right from the second it went in….any thoughts much appreciated…

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      I suggest you focus on the urinary system with a Urologist. Have you had urodynamics, cystoscopy, various medications, bladder emptying study, prostate ultrasound, etc, as part of your workup? That would be the most likely cause of urinary symptoms.

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      Good intentions

      Who is “famed removal patient Nick”? Chuck, you must be traveling all over the internet, I’m not sure that everybody knows who you are talking about.

      You will need to see a urologist anyway before any attempt at mesh removal. My experience was that the various specialists in a medical system are “silo’ed”. In other words they don’t share much information between specialties, or maybe it’s a professional risk to venture an opinion about a different specialty. I saw a urologist and he claimed to know nothing about mesh except that it was n the way when he did prostate surgery. My mesh surgeon would not even entertain the possibility that mesh was causing my problems. But Dr. Billing said I would need to see a urologist so that he could be sure that the bladder was not affected by the mesh before he removed it.

      I have already mentioned this once but they can actually get a closeup look at the inside of your bladder to see if anything is affecting it. You shouldn’t go directly to mesh removal without seeing a urologist first. I don’t think that a good surgeon would attempt mesh removal until you did.

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      G.I. and Dr. towfigh thanks. It’s clear that my hernia surgery caused these symptoms. There could be no other cause so the only question that remains is whether this was caused by the catheterization or the mesh. I do have an MRI pelvic that I would like to send to Dr. towfigh. But Nick said he had the exact same symptoms and Jonah to and in both cases they resolved with mesh removal. G.I. given that you yourself remove the mesh and given your concerns about bard 3-D max mesh I would think you would be leaning more towards mesh removal. I can promise you that the urologists will find nothing and then will state that I simply have chronic pelvic pain syndrome which is something I never had prior to the surgery. What a mess this has become. Completely avoidable with a tissue repair.

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      Beware assuming that because you seem to experience “the exact same symptoms” as others that your cases (and the solutions) will the same. Perception is no substitute for evidence.

      It is impossible for you to state with any certainty that a urologist will find nothing…so why not follow Dr. Towfigh’s advice and consult one? What is the harm, outside of a little time?

      Best case scenario, the urologist CAN help you…perhaps even avoid a more invasive procedure, like mesh removal.

      Worst case scenario, your suspicions prove true and the urologist can’t help you…but even then, their testing will rule out some possible explanations for your symptoms. Further, you can pass those findings along to a mesh removal doc, which gives them more info to work with and serve you better.

      Either way, seems like a consult would be worthwhile, no?

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