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      Get ready Mark T, Oceanic and GI. This is my last post to this forum. The truth is there is nothing more to learn here. The field of hernia surgery is one of the most corrupt and broken specialties in the world. Here is a summary of what I have learned:

      1. There is zero clarity about what the best hernia repair is. ZERO…Dr T will say Lap mesh is the best…based on “population studies” whatever that means…this is just Doctor word salad. There are no studies showing that lap is best…ask her for studies…if you insist for a long time she might send you one or two…read them closely and you will see they dont way anything close to that. The Truth…most of the major messes you will see are lap surgeries…they are not minimally invasive–they are the opposite.
      2. You cant trust hernia surgeons –particularly US based surgeons…they will make up chronic pain and recurrance numbers right on the spot..if you challenge them on it and ask for supporting documentation they will end the conversation.
      3. Tissue repairs are not the golden ticket to hernia surgery happiness…despite the endless drivel posted by Good Intentions about the superiority of Tissue repairs…he has no hard evidence to back up his claims,,,zero!! . A tissue repair can bite you on the ass just as quick as a mesh repair. This forum is littered with patients destroyed by tissue repairs. The one percent recurrance rates for these repairs are just silly….much more likely to be 20-25 percent recurrance lifetime…but honestly no one knows jack. On top of that there risk of chronic pain….any pain from a tissue repair seems to be 20 percent…probably close to or the same as a mesh repair. Also closely question any tissue repair patient…you will frequently find that while they are happy with the repair….they still get weird sensations…zings…stretches pulls etc…lift the grandkids they feel it….there are no perfect repairs.
      3. To get a good tissue repair you have to leave the US…Germany Korea Canada… its crazy that this is the case but it is.
      3. Dr Towfigh is given way to much influence on this forum…she bad mouthes Kang and Desarda tissue repairs…but refuses to do so in a thoughtful articulate way –even when asked—even when Dr, Kang posted a detailed explanation of his repair…no rebuttal from Dr T and no interview for the great Dr Kang—he is innovating a repair that may put her precious garbage lap surgery in the smithsonian.. .I have spoken to many of Desarda and kang patients personally on the phone–they are doing great….Always take whatever a hernia surgeon tells you with an enormous grain of salt…they r you to a repair they do themselves..when the repair fails they will blame you and not take your calls. alright nuff said about this clusterF**ck of a surgery…As we used to say in Oooooooooold Mexico City.

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      William Bryant

      Thanks for contributing Chuck.
      It would indeed be good to have Dr Kang interviewed for herniatalk.

      I wonder if this is likely? Or even imminent with Dr towfigh saying she’d look at Desarda and I think Dr Kang repair again?

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      Farewell, Chuck. Can’t wait for Chuck II, the sequel 🙂

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      William Bryant

      Also Chuck, thanks for the Desarda v Shouldice report link

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      These are general problems with the medical field carried over to the hernia field and then magnified. Just my 2c.. Best to you

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      Good luck Chuck, I never really understood where your situation currently stood. Do you currently have a recurrence or just complaining about ongoing pain post mesh removed? Or did you end up having another surgery post mesh removal and that one sucked too? Either way, I wish you the best man. Send me a DM anytime.

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