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      Went to see another hernia doc near me and he examined me. Confirmed indirect hernia on the left. I have pain in the inguinal area on the right. But doctor said he could not find a hernia. I have read that hernias can appear without a bulge and can be very painful and hard to detect. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Looked into consulting Dr Kang even though he is very far. He doesnt do zoon consults but responds to emails. He said he had done a direct comparison between the Kang repair and all other repairs on the issue of chronic pain and determined that the Kang repair was the lowest risk for chronic pain based on his survery of all hernia repair modalities.

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      Good intentions

      What would Dr. Kang have to say, if a physical examination by your doctor could not find a hernia? Have you had any imaging done? Dr. Kang apparently has his own imaging procedure. If you went there for the confirmed hernia he would certainly examine the right side too.

      Summarizing and catching up your previous posts – you have a confirmed but painless left side indirect hernia, confirmed by two different doctors, but have pain in the right groin where no hernia has been diagnosed. The left side hernia was diagnosed a few months ago. You’ve never had any surgery.

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