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      i have been very depressed about my choice to pursue lap mesh surgery…but hearing your stories convinces me that there are simply no good options —Dr Brown has been featured as one of the best tissue repair guys….and he would have been a reasonable choice….it sounds like you both did a ton of research like me and you were still destroyed….like so many others who get hernia surgery. I will throw two other tissue repair horror stories into the mix….my friends father and my old girl friends father…both had tissue repairs….not sure the modality….but both ended up with chronic pain for life. is there a worse curse???? Why the heck arent all these idiot doctors that are checking us for hernias when we are young warning us about the dangers the pose….honestly i would rather have a cancer diagnosis than a botched hernia surgery. It seems like the odds of getting a good hernia surgery are pathetically low….a friend who had mesh open just confided to me that he gets pain pretty frequently….i dont think there is any good fix a hernia….and yet its frequently said to be routine….

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