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      Dr Kang.. i know you check in here from time to time and provide great input. Hoping you see this question. I am contemplating mesh removal due to the toxicity of mesh…as well as some burning urination issues that i am certain are related to mesh implantation. I would then come to you for a kang repair of any recurrant hernia. I had a fairly large indirect hernia that was descending into the scrotum…Dr Towfigh says that tissue repairs of large hernias like this will almost certainly result in chronic pain…i have heard you say that you can repair any hernia no matter how large with the kang repair…can you repair large recurrant indirect hernias without chronic pain??? Towfigh says the tension on the tissue would be too great and would certainly be extremely painful….hope you can reply….

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      Mike M

      Not sure if you missed the thread but right now all non-US IPs are banned on this site due the hacking incident.

      Dr. Kang won’t be able to read the forums at the moment until this is lifted or he uses a VPN with a US IP (unlikely).

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      I have been accessing this site from the Philippines for about the last week. I wasn’t able to access it before. I was getting error 1020 that had to do with the privacy. Now I first get a Checking Your Browser message and then I get redirected in about 5 seconds before I’m connected to the site.

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      Same from Europe, now we can access the website again since this week.

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