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      curious as to folks thoughts about the best no mesh repair…understand shouldice has the history…but i have noticed a lot of folks complaining aobut tightness and chronic pain from the surgery…meanwhile its rare to ever see a bad testionial about the Desarda repair…Towfigh says its no good…but she doesnt like anything that threatens her business…recurrance rates are same or better than shouldice…and the chroinic pain rates are a lot lower it seems….comments welcome.

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      William Bryant

      This would be interesting to know.
      And perhaps people could say who the surgeons who did the Desarda surgery were too.

      One thing I’ve found is that Desarda India wants prospective patients to have umpteen tests before going there. In UK that would be very expensive as can’t see NHS funding them all.

      Whole load including
      Blood clotting
      Blood sugar/glucose

      And more

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      Good intentions

      Here is an old Topic from somebody who was very thorough in their research. She went with Shouldice.

      13 Questions to Ask Before Inguinal Hernia Shouldice Repair

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      William Bryant

      Thanks Good Intentions. Can’t see any mention of Desarda though. Maybe I missed it or is it in another thread? It would be useful to know why Desarda was discounted especially as, afaik, no nerves are taken.

      I think I read that it may have been because Desarda cuts into healthy tissue, and thats why it was discounted. But not sure.

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      As Good Intentions kindly suggested in another post, if you search Desarda in the forums search box it brings up numerous pages of previous posts where Desarda repairs have been mentioned, including (and mainly so far from the ones I’ve read) a number of people who talked about having major issues after treatment at the US Desarda clinic with the surgeon there. One mentioned that it caused him to have an incisional hernia among other issues.

      I still haven’t had time to read through them all yet and a lot of the links I’ve opened are to the same threads, just different people posting.

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      There are lot of reports and studies showing shouldice patienst suffer with chronic pain…in one study the numbers were as high as 26 %…..i never see kevin peterson mentioned on this site though he does a lot of no mesh hernia repairs….

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        Do you have any sources you can provide? IMHO, 26% is a *ridiculous* claim and Shouldice would have been out of business a long time ago if that were even remotely close to accurate. If some study claimed ‘up to 26%’, I would bet just about anything that sample did NOT come from *Shouldice Hospital* patients.

        It is important to differentiate between Shouldice repairs performed by an Shouldice Hospital surgeon who averages 50+ of them a month vs. someone who does a fraction as many.

        Regardless of what type repair anyone chooses, they should seek a surgeon with a lot of experience/frequency with that type of repair. That is a key variable with regard to the likelihood of complications, recurrence, and chronic pain.

        Also not sure why you think Dr. Towfigh would feel that Desarda ‘threatens her business’ considering that she offers non-mesh repairs too (though indeed seems to prefer mesh options).

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